We are a small breeder located in Port Crane, NY on a 4 acre property where our dogs often run freely. I started the business in 2005 to help support myself as a single mom as I also have a seasonal lawncare company. I am now an empty nester though, and am able to devote alot more of my time to caring for my dogs and socializing puppies. We are in good standings with our vet, so when we call, we get  ! recommendations quickly, and keep our dogs healthy and happy.

We specialize in Schnauzers and Poodles. We do the pure breeds, but we also have mixes. In the past, a lot of our dogs in the past have come from reputable local breeders, whereas a lot of our younger dogs come from our own liters. Most of our dogs are AKC registered, and most of them have been OFA certified/Embark per breed specifications. Our generational puppies are not tested as they are cleared by parentage.